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In 2022 FBC Brunswick worked with our State Convention to go through the AWAKEN process. AWAKEN is a Church Revitalization Process for pastors of churches on long-term plateau or early decline. It is a 10-month, covenant journey, with a cohort of other BCM/D pastors and churches, that is action oriented. The process is roughly 5 months of content exploration and discovery followed by 5 months of coached implementation.

As part of the journey, we asked our church to commit to work and pray through the process with us. Our goal was to work hard in 2022 to help reach our community for Christ and to pray that God would breathe new life into our church. We continue to work to build and renew now.

2 firneds sitting next to one another
Several hands painted with red paint in the shape of a heart

We have also set the following goals for 2023:

  1.  100% of our church serving God in some way in our community.
  2. Two new ministries.
  3. Three new organizations using our building.
  4. Four new baptisms
  5. Five new families attending.
  6. Six outreach events.

Praying for our Neighbors

2 firneds sitting next to one another