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Here at FBC Brunswick, we love babies! We are a family-friendly church and we understand that sometimes parents prefer to keep their babies with them while they worship. With that in mind please know that you will never be asked to take your baby out of our worship service. If, however, you do want to have one of our trained and vetted nursery staff look after your child while you worship you are more than welcome to check your baby into the nursery. Additionally, if you need a private place to soothe or nurse your crying baby please feel free to visit the nursery as well.

What to Expect When Visiting FBC Brunswick With Your Infant:

  • If you have not already pre-registered your infant here please arrive 15 min prior to service and one of our greeters will help you register your children and check them in at our welcome center. If you have pre-registered your children, again one of our greeters will help you check your children in at the welcome center.
  • At the check-in station a tag for your infant, as well as a parent’s tag, will be printed for you. Please attach the infants’ tag to your diaper bag and keep the parents’ tag for safekeeping. You will then be shown to the nursery where you will leave the child and diaper bag as well as any instructions the nursery worker may need to know for your child. Should you wish you may also leave your cell phone number for the worker (as a peace of mind) so that they can contact you by text if they need anything from you.
  • At the conclusion of our worship service, you will head down to the student life center (down the stairs at the back of the sanctuary) where one of our children’s workers will direct you to the nursery. At the nursery, the worker will get your parent tag from you, match the code on it with the one on your child’s tags, and then dismiss them to you. Please note that no one under the age of 16 is allowed to present the parents’ tag and retrieve any children. Older siblings (16 and over) are allowed to retrieve younger siblings if they have been added to the list at registration and they have the parents tag.
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