Community Prayer Ministry

Couple holding hands in prayer
The community prayer ministry is a weekly gathering where members of the community come together to lift up prayers and petitions to God. The prayer ministry is open to everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation or background. The purpose of this ministry is to create a space where people can come together to seek comfort, strength, and guidance through prayer. The prayer ministry is an important part of the church’s outreach efforts, as it offers a supportive environment where people can come together to share their concerns and receive emotional and spiritual support.

The community prayer ministry takes place every Monday at 6:00 PM at First Baptist Church of Brunswick. During the prayer gathering, attendees are encouraged to share their prayer requests and concerns with the group. By coming together in prayer, participants can feel a sense of community and support, as they share in each other’s struggles and joys. The community prayer ministry is a powerful tool for bringing people together and building relationships, while also deepening one’s spiritual connection with God.